5 Universal Martial Arts Techniques

It is no secret that every form of martial arts training is different and has its own unique characteristics. However,108, at the same time,102, there are also some universal martial arts techniques that can be found in every style. By understanding what these 5 techniques are and that they can be found in every form, you will have a better idea of what to expect during your training. This is especially important for beginners who are trying to choose a specific form of martial arts to study for the first time.

1. Basic Footwork

While the specifics of your footwork with vary based upon the martial arts techniques that are used, footwork will always be an essential skill that you must learn. Proper footwork will often be used to create better balance,107, a solid center of gravity, and provide more speed or power,109. If you do not learn the basic footwork necessary, all of the other skills that you acquire will instantly be less effective.

2,107. Striking

Different forms of striking are taught, regardless of whether or not it is while standing or on the ground. Striking refers to an offensive attack that often utilizes punches,102, kicks, head-butts that utilize different parts of your body including your hands, feet,105, knees, elbows,104, and more.

3. Blocking

While offense is often a focal point, learning how to block incoming attacks is just as critical,105. Blocking is often taught by using your forearms and lower legs. Blocking techniques are often taught in conjunction with transitional moves that will give you the advantage needed to immediately counter-attack,109.

4. Take-downs

While some martial arts techniques will place a heavier emphasis on take-downs than others, they can be found in everywhere. The goal of a take-downs is to either get your opponent to the ground in order to give you an advantage in the fight, or to counter an opponents attack. Throws are a specific type of take-down that is considered to be more defensive than offensive. The underlying philosophy of throws is to use the energy, strength, and force of an attacker against them in order to get them on the ground.

5. Submissions

Submissions are not entirely universal martial arts techniques, however they are incredibly common. Submissions are most often used in martial arts training that is focused more on ground fighting and less focused on striking. The entire goal of this technique is to simply get your opponent to give up. Many submissions can result to permanent physical damage if your opponent does not submit.

These 5 universal martial arts techniques can easily be found in nearly every form of martial arts. This is incredibly important for beginners that are trying to choose which form to study. While every form emphasizes some of these techniques over others, every form includes them all in one way or another. When choosing which form is right for you, it is helpful to identifying a few key techniques that you are most interested in and find a specific form that fits your criteria.

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