Improving Fertility in Order to Conceive

Increasing your fertility in the hope of conceiving can often be a complex task,109. Just as we are unique individuals in the way we live our daily lives, so is the process of fertility,104. Jigsaw puzzle pieces can only fit together in one way, and so it goes with the intricate working of the female body,109. We must be observant as to what that body is telling you, and take appropriate action is we hope to conceive.

For many years,107, more than likely while we were pursuing a career, we depended on birth control to deter pregnancy. Now that we feel we are at the proper time for conceiving, we have to allow a certain amount of time for our reproductive system to be working in its proper capacity again and this doesn’t usually happen overnight. Being patient is a requirement here,102. As you begin to have normal and regulated menses, it would be wise to take note of your ovulation period,102. This is the time when it is easiest to conceive and there are many ways to determine when we are at that point, heightened body temperature being just one of them,108.

There are other good and useful side effects in maintaining patience during this time. Our reproductive system, being the fragile and intricate system that it is,107, can easily be thrown into a state of disarray if we allow ourselves to become distraught and anxious when we find our first attempts to be for naught. Relax and realize that there is a very thin line between success and failure, and you aim is for success. If you are continuing to work while trying to conceive, even the daily pressures of your job can result in lessened fertility,105. If this is the case, it may be wiser to opt away from the work force until your pregnancy is achieved. It is a proven fact that women who do not work,105, conceive much more easily than women who do work.

You also need to take control of your health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and incorporating exercise is primarily important. Take a good look at your weight as well. Is it within the normal range for your height and build? Obesity has been shown to delay and even inhibit the chances of pregnancy.

Do you smoke or drink? These habits can also deter you in your goal. If you are a smoker, please quit. Not just for your own well being but in particular for that of your planned for baby. Infant problems such as low birth weight and asthma are just two of the problems that smoking can cause. The occasional drink may do no real harm but if you wish to conceive, it also is probably time to hang up the party shoes and stop imbibing in alcohol. Energy drinks and anything containing inordinate amounts of caffeine should be avoided as well.

The time may come when you will seek medical intervention but in the majority of cases lifestyle changes are all that is necessary to conceive.

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